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In a post via X (formerly Twitter), crypto analyst cyclop (@nobrainflip) has shared a bold prediction and personal success story with his 370,000 followers. Cyclop revealed a staggering $2.5 million profit from an initial investment of $8,000 within a year, attributing a significant portion of this success to investments in Solana-based meme coins.

Cyclop’s statement reads, “I made $2.5 million from $8,000 in a year. Most of the profit was made on $SOL meme coins 3 months ago: x400 on ANALOS, x30 on POPCAT, x8 on SILLY. Solana meme season is back, and many memes have 100x+ potential.”

Before delving into the list of recommended meme coins, cyclops issued a cautionary note, hinting at the volatile nature of these investments. Despite acknowledging the inherent risks, cyclop emphasized the unprecedented earning potential of memecoins, stating, “Many believe that memecoins are just a gamble […] However, I think it is the best way to earn in crypto if you learn when to buy and what to buy. And here’s why: ‘Buy when the pump starts.’”

Highlighting the distinct advantages of meme coins, cyclop pointed out, “Unlike other tokens, memes have an advantage: 100% of the supply is in the market, meaning there’s no emission, and VCs won’t be dumping their sky-high bags on you. Moreover, they have the biggest upside, and they are #1 rally gainers during a bull market (where we currently are).”

Reflecting on previous successful calls, such as POPCAT, ANALOS, and SILLY, which have seen returns ranging from 8x to 1000x, the analyst is now sharing a new list of promising meme coins:

#1 Wolf Wif (BALLZ)

With a $40 million market cap and $370,000 in liquidity, this coin stands out as the analyst’s “biggest bet,” highlighted by its lack of centralized exchange listings and partnerships, alongside the significant market cap achieved in under 24 hours. “NFA, but it looks like a new cult,” cyclop stated.

The memecoin is obviously inspired by DogWifHat (WIF), a memecoin that emerged on the Solana blockchain, similar to called BONK, which also saw significant gains and generated several millionaires. BALLZ may attempt to build on the success of WIF.

#2 SolChat (CHAT)

Priced at $5.8, with a $47 million market cap and $1.1 million in liquidity, SolChat has garnered attention from “major influencers” and a notable mention from the Phantom wallet, as remarked by cyclop.

According to the official website, SolChat is not merely a memecoin; it is a communication protocol on the Solana blockchain that enables text, voice, and video calls in a manner akin to traditional Web2 applications, but within a Web3 environment. It leverages the Solana blockchain’s low gas fees and on-chain storage capabilities for messages and group chats, positioning itself as a novel application in the rapidly evolving landscape of decentralized technologies.

#3 Harambe (HARAMBE)

A tribute to the beloved gorilla, this meme coin boasts a $45.8 million market cap, described as having “a real soul” by cyclop. HARAMBE is also based on the Solana blockchain and pays homage to the spirit of Harambe. It is driven by the community’s love for memes and a desire for community-driven projects.

Beyond its meme-centric nature, the Harambe meme coin aims to stand out by incorporating advanced AI technology. It features an AI neural network auto-trading bot designed to autonomously conduct trades in the cryptocurrency market, aiming to transcend the typical meme coin by leveraging AI hedge fund technology​​​​.

#4 Pelfort (PELF)

Showing a remarkable day growth of +550%, this coin has a market cap of $15.4 million and liquidity of $1.0 million, according to the crypto analyst. It is a Solana memecoin parody based on Jordon Belfort as Pepe.

#5 Doland Tremp (TREMP)

Like MAGA (TRUMP), TREMP is another meme coin that builds on the popularity of former US President Donald Trump and his potential success in the US election campaign. With a playful nod to political satire, TREMP holds a $37 million market cap, under the slogan “Mek Memes Gret Agen!”

crypto memecoin TREMP price
TREMP price, 2-hour chart | Source: TREMPUSD on TradingView.com

Rounding out the bottom of the analyst’s list are Brett (BRETT) at #6 and PENG on Solana (PENG) at #7, each with unique appeal and the potential for explosive growth, according to cyclop.

Featured image from iStock, chart from TradingView.com

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