Dogecoin Influencer Sounds Critical Warning Alarm For Scams Targeting The Community

Dogecoin influencer Mishaboar has issued a vital warning to members of the Dogecoin (DOGE) community. This warning could prove timely as meme coin-related scams look to be on the rise in the crypto community. 

Beware Of Fake Dogecoin Airdrops  

Mishaboar warned community members in an X (formerly Twitter) post to be “extremely careful,” stating that there are several fake airdrops targeting the Dogecoin tag and other popular meme coins. The influencer also added that some of these scams are also deployed using the tags of popular AI tokens.

These scammers are said to promise airdrops to community members with the aim of solely stealing the tokens of unsuspecting users in the process. It is not surprising that these schemes are perpetuated using the tags of popular meme and AI tokens, as these categories of crypto tokens are two of the leading narratives for this bull cycle

Therefore, using these token tags is likely to help these scammers gain more reach and attract more users. Mishaboar’s warning is no doubt crucial, especially for newbies in the crypto space who could easily fall prey to these scams in the bid to earn ‘airdrops’ that could give them more leverage entering into the bull run. 

As part of his warning, the influencer advised his followers to report any account they suspected to be a scam. Mishaboar also noted that some of these accounts have a huge following and might seem legitimate, but users shouldn’t be deceived. Accounts with a significant following always tend to look more legit. That’s why these crypto users have to be extra vigilant. 

Mishaboar is known to be very particular about the safety of crypto users. When the ‘MyDogeWallet’ Hack occurred, he advised members of the crypto community to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on their X accounts using an authenticator application or a physical security key. 

Shiba Inu Community Also Faced Similar Scams

At the beginning of the year, Shiba Inu scam detector platform Susbarium drew the SHIB community’s attention to scams that were targeted at obtaining people’s identities and stealing their crypto holdings. Back then, Susbarium warned that one of the scams involved fake accounts promoting fake TREAT tokens to unsuspecting investors. 

Like Mishaboar, Susbarium urged users to enable 2FA on all their crypto accounts. They also proposed using hardware wallets to help community members securely store their crypto tokens. Some scam accounts clone or impersonate official accounts, so the scam detector advised to be wary of unsolicited messages they might receive from these impersonators. 

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