Urges Traders To Be Patient

While Bitcoin prices hover around 15% below their all-time highs, with some skeptics predicting more losses, one analyst on X expects the coin to bounce strongly, even breaking above all-time highs. Taking to X, the trader argues that Bitcoin has yet to breach the Golden Ratio Multiplier’s Cycle Top, currently sitting at $79,591. Supposedly, the analyst continues, … Read more

Arkham Releases Top 5 Crypto Rich List

Arkham Intelligence, an industry leader in on-chain data tracking, has released a list of the richest people in crypto according to their wallet balances. This list has been making the rounds in the crypto community due to the top 5 alone being worth billions of dollars. But perhaps, what is more interesting is how much … Read more

‘We Sold Everything Last Night’, Reveals Crypto Research Firm

Markus Thielen of 10x Research unveiled a significant shift in his crypto strategy in response to mounting financial pressures and market instability, as detailed in an investor note released earlier today. Thielen, an influential figure in the analysis sector, cited a concerning outlook on risk assets, which encompasses both technology stocks and cryptocurrencies, primarily driven … Read more

How Much Did Dogecoin Gain From it Today?

The cryptocurrency market tends to thrive on a blend of innovation, utility, and sometimes, just a good meme. This week, the spotlight shone brightly on Dogecoin (DOGE), the Shiba Inu-themed meme coin, after a characteristically playful tweet from tech billionaire Elon Musk sent prices soaring. While the tweet itself referenced a scene from Monty Python … Read more