Whale Snags Nearly 24,000 ETH At Bargain Price

Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, has faced choppy waters. Over the past few days, Ethereum’s price has taken a nosedive, plunging to lows of $2,800 on April 12, echoing the broader downturn witnessed across the crypto landscape. However, in the face of volatility, a fascinating development has emerged: Ethereum whales, the behemoths of … Read more

Losses Trump Profits As Ratio Dips Below 1

Investors are bracing themselves for a rollercoaster ride as Bitcoin, the flagship digital asset, navigates through choppy waters. Recent data from Glassnode has revealed a noteworthy development: the Realized Profit/Loss Ratio for Bitcoin has dipped below one. This crucial metric, which compares the sell value of Bitcoin with the price at which it was bought, … Read more

Why The Bitcoin Halving Matters, But Not The Way You Think

David Lawant, Head of Research at FalconX, a digital assets prime brokerage with trading, financing, and custody for leading financial institutions, recently offered an analysis on X (formerly Twitter) regarding the evolving role of Bitcoin halvings in market dynamics. This analysis challenges the traditional view that halvings directly and significantly affect Bitcoin’s price, instead highlighting a … Read more

$3 Billion Short Liquidation Looms At This Price Mark, Warns Analyst

The Bitcoin market is currently on edge as prominent analyst Crypto Rover warns of a potential liquidation event that could negatively affect the short holders. With Bitcoin trading within a significant consolidation phase, as revealed by Rover, analysis suggests that over $3 billion in short positions could face liquidation should Bitcoin climb back to a … Read more

Lost Treasure Found? Bitcoin Miner Transfers Over $3 Million BTC After 14-Year Dormancy

According to the on-chain analysis platform Lookonchian, a long-dormant Bitcoin (BTC) wallet dating back to April 2010, recently transferred 50 BTC, equivalent to $3.328 million. Unraveling The Transaction: An Exploration of Potential Motives As reported by Lookonchian, 50 BTC mined over 14 years ago, when each block reward was 50 BTC, was divided into two … Read more

Bitcoin Whales Showing Different Behavior From Past Cycles, But Why?

On-chain data suggests the Bitcoin whales have been showing different behavior regarding exchange inflows from the last cycle. Here’s why this may be so. Bitcoin Whales Are Showing Different Behavior In Exchange Inflows This Time As an analyst explained in a CryptoQuant Quicktake post, the BTC whales’ movements have been different this time compared to … Read more